Friday, June 4, 2010

Vijay’s diet is like him – simple and nice

Vijay’s diet is much like the person that he is – simple and nice. His lunch – frugal by any standards – is actually a simple affair: just a cup of rice, `drumstick’ sambhar, and vegetable `avial’, with a lone concession to oil by way of a solitary `appalam’. Not quite the food meant for a top ranking star who can easily afford five-star meals every day.

Of late, Vijay has also been avoiding non-vegetarian food, and, many weeks, if not months, might have gone without him even touching a piece of mutton. He also does exercises regularly as he is finicky about keeping his weight under check.

If Vijay sports a slim `n’ trim look in the coming days, then you know what’s the secret behind it!


  1. His workouts are just like his movies without any effort, I prefer to watch some ads instead of his movies

  2. Eii shu silence. Pesikituirken!


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